What Services We Provide

Technological solutions for payment platforms

Payment Processing Solutions
Through our customer focus and transparent fee structure you’ll get seamless support for payments whether your customer is a bank (b2b) or customers (b2c).
Custom Payment Applications
We build leading edge ecommerce and mobile commerce applications with an easy and simple API system. So we’ll build custom made applications according to your business needs.
Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL)
We are here to help you digitize your business and grow it to a next level of BNPL solutions, that aims to enhance the retail checkout experience for your customers.
PCI DSS Compliance
We offer you security assessing expertise and get you PCI DSS certification. Our services will help you to ensure compliance by building a secure payment system.
Contactless Payments
Contactless/cashless solutions we integrate to your system let you increase the speed of money transferring between different parties.
Digital/Mobile Wallets
We will build secure online tools as mobile wallets for a better cash solution. This will let your customers make fast and convenient transactions.
Payment Gateway Development Solutions
We build a white-label user-friendly solution developing cost-effective, custom payment gateways with seamless, highly-converting, and secure checkout systems.
Payment Processing Security Solutions
We make sure that every security solution will be robust and will lack complications for users.This makes us 100% sure of our product.
Payment Processing Fraud Protection
Security empowerment will help you to protect your customer data and alert them if frauds happen. Protection of account and transaction will improve your customer experience.
EMV Development
We build integration compliant services, and consumer protection and security services. EMV software solutions include migration, testing, validation, and integration services for POS terminals, ATMs & more.
Multi-Currency Processing Solutions
We can build a multi-currency conversion to improve payment experience and a wide selection of currencies help to mitigate high currency exchange and will let you accept credit cards from international users.
What We Offer

Inbound Solutions & Specifications

Consulting & deep analysis
UI/UX design
Research & development
Software development
Quality assurance
Application maintenance

Advantages of Payment Processing Solutions
Why your business needs these move

Adaptable and easy to integrate with other business models
Can be integrated for both local and international market using multi-currency system
Offers value-added and innovative solutions
Fast and adaptable platform with high agility
All payment products are on a single platform


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