Services we provide for healthcare

What services we use to power up healthcare

Medicine lags digitalization
This service will help to facilitate the work of doctors and reduce the risk of human error, including telemedicine, AI-enabled devices and other solutions.
Mobile applications
Application changes patient experience drastically giving them new opportunities of online consultation and other similar services that trigger patients to gain interest in tracking their health.
Big data in healthcare
Big data helps to track and analyse a lot of information which will help doctors to avoid some risks, enhance the patience assisting time, and for the patient to understand how many doctors are required to work in the hospital.
RFID technology
Radio frequency identification technology helps to monitor tagged equipment in real-time. And in healthcare facilities it is used for labeling. It also helps to get an information package about the drugas, including their expiration dates.
HIPPA and other Standards
Ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of all e-PHI they create, receive, maintain or transmit covered entities, such as health care professionals for use and disclosure of patient and client information.
Wearing medical devices
Smart gadgets and smart solutions make it comfortable for the people to track their health and companies to get the necessary information about its users, their identity, and health condition.
Artificial intelligence in healthcare
AI is being now used in medical instruments, the example of it are robot nurses.These devices can perform many actions from diagnostics to therapy. Yet the greatest service is personalized therapy for the patients.
What you’ll get from digitalization

Advantages of integrating IT solutions into your
Healthcare business

Enhanced patient engagement

Empowered health team collaboration

Improved clinical and operational insights

Requires no user interaction

Does not share any patient or hospital data

Protected health information

Features of the services we build

Excellent performance on any electronic health record (EHR)

Multi-directional synchronization of patient data

Scalable cloud foundation

Leveraged FHIR compliant protocols


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