Financial software solutions & fintech software expertise
What we do for your fintech growth

We utilize microservices architecture
Working with fintechs we pay too much attention to security issues to minimize or exclude any frauds in the system. Besides, our main priority is to move along with industry regulations. We drastically improve your software architecture.
We improve and refactor platforms
We not only develop new fintech platforms but also upgrade old ones. We transfer monolith systems into effective macroservices. Finding new and more effective solutions the team moves them to implementation processes coordinated with data integrity. We also integrate new technologies as blockchain.
Choose a cooperation model
Our product development team with a dedicated project management build services for fintech, for ex e-commerce, financial apps, etc. We cooperate not only with big enterprises but also help to develop new ideas and startups within their budget.

With whom we partner

Most common fintech businesses we cooperate with

Loan and credit service providers
Wealth management institutions
Investment and commercial banks
Exchanges and brokerages
Insurance companies
Mortgage banks
Financial market data suppliers
FinTech providers

Expertise we offer

Solutions we Offer for FinTech

Digital banking solutions
Money transaction platforms
Financial web and mobile applications
Online trading and exchange platforms
Maintenance and modernization of existing services
Integration and optimization
Bitcoin/cryptocurrency applications
Blockchain solutions


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