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Why Imea

We rank among the best in the US, Canada, Switzerland, Sweden, Armenia and Ukraine. Our solutions get featured as best in class, and our clients love our people and work.

Imea Special Services

Next-Gen Engineering

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With our highly enthusiastic and capable developers, QA, and Project coordinators at your service, Imea will help you put your best foot forward. Let’s estimate your project; we are quietly confident that your dollar value savings are just a small part of the joy working with Imea.

Mobile Development

Our app developers go beyond the technicalities of the app. We dip dive into the purpose of the app and how it affects your business to deliver the best possible solution for you.

Software Development

We have a deep understanding of the business needs and deliver robust and innovation driven Software development that precisely reflects your requirements.


Our creative design and intuitive user experience specifically address your business goals’ and solve user challenges.

Desktop Applications

We possess a team of experts who are exclusively devoted to building enterprise class windows applications.

Enterprise application platform

We help you to create enterprise agility Scalable hybrid cloud platforms for business-critical applications, ERP systems and databases.

Database Development

We can help you both in relational database development as well as in document database systems and other NoSQL solutions.

IT Products & Marketing

We are not just Service providers but Solution oriented Product experts, which will help us to help you in Product research and analysis.

Game Development

We are developing Games (2D,3D,Unity, HTML 5) and we work with our clients from start to finish, helping them see their vision through.

Payment Systems

We are creating Payment Systems for fintech and private businesses and for Blockchain, Hyperledger too.

SEO & Content Writing

If you need retention for your product or conversions via Blogs, Content writing we can help you with different languages and target positioning.


We provide end-to-end advisory, protection and monitoring services to secure your organization. We protect your systems and monitor your system to detect and react in advance of cyber attacks.


We are experienced in Health, Manufacturing, Utility, Home Automation and in Telematics with evolving the Best technical IOT and M2M solutions.

Consulting & Technical Support

We provide also tech consulting and ongoing support, as well as help in re-engineering with existing unfinished projects.

Rapid prototyping

One of our main focuses is on tech support for Start-ups. We offer Rapid Prototyping solutions for early-stage businesses to enable faster go-to-Market process.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

We Build cost-effective, highly scalable, automated cloud platforms for application delivery to thousands or millions of end users.



Payment Platforms











Case Studies


Blackmar lives on top of data aggregation software by allowing clients to have a more in-depth experience with their data and be able to do functions/operations with their data. We provide an integrated software platform for financial advisors, family offices and wealth managers. For Blackmar maintaining the confidentiality of clients information is critical to the company’s success.
Blackmar aims to be the best in wealth management industry by creating new standards for financial technology. We support financial companies to build better reporting tools, which allow them to take better care of our underlying clients.
Imea Systems provides all the Software development work with Dedicated Scrum Teams, Design and PO/PMs.


Menumend creates digital solutions aimed at elevating the dining experience of users and providing revolutionary tools for decision-making, powered by artificial intelligence, social networks, and data-driven insights into diners’ tastes and lifestyle preferences. Our goal is to provide diners with a tool to make faster and more informed decisions and facilitate healthy and enjoyable eating.
The app learns about the user’s taste and food preferences and recommends perfect dishes. Users can search menus using natural inquires such as “white meat” or “light food” and find dishes with desired ingredients or flavors. Food pairing recommendations facilitate building a multi-course meal white the ability to sort menu items by ratings or value drive the customer experience. Menumend also allows diners to discover new restaurants, dishes, cuisines, Through Menumend Foodlists, users can explore and follow various restaurant guides that source dishes from restaurant menus nearby and update recommendations based on any user’s location.


QLess has modernized how citizens use queues. The result? Customer satisfaction is high and staff efficiency higher.
QLess is the go-to solution for overcoming pain points for your customers. The best part? Your customers will walk away happy and you’ll see improved returns on the bottom line. What’s not to like about the simplicity of the QLess solution?
We know that your best resource is time. That’s why we’ve eliminated dead time with our award-winning queuing and scheduling technology.
QLess knows your time is important, so we solved the waiting game. With QLess, your customers will get what they need, when they need it. And gratified customers are customers you’ll see again and again.

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IMEA. Dedicated development teams that deliver is a custom software and Mobile development, ML and AI company that provides dedicated teams of hotshot experts. We help Fortune 500 top tier companies, VC-backed startups and fast-growing tech companies build successful, scalable products that users love.


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We’re humbled to be working with such a great variety of clients that range from early stage startups to Fortune 500 companies.

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