What services we offer for edutech

Transforming the learning experience with our services

Learning Management Systems (LMS)
Our team can develop LMS applications for educational organisations and institutions. It can be a virtual learning environment, assessment platform, management systems, etc.
Virtual Learning Environments (VLE)
Though the market of virtual learning platforms is increasing we still can offer building to build a custom platform for you, including all processes from hosting to deployment and support.
Classroom Video Recording & Streaming
The model of flipped classrooms is changing the educational system drastically. We are delivering bespoke classroom audio and video recording to create virtual classrooms.
Microsoft SharePoint Portals for Education
We have many years of experience developing powerful automation tools, such as different portals and intranets for customizing your work and collaboration experience.
Campus Networks
We design, plan, install and upgrade your campus network, working with the latest technologies that let us deliver robust and flexible computer networks.
Computer Hardware & Software for Education
We offer a wide variety of services for hardware and software licensing to the education sector taking into account your budget and other recommendations.
School Communication Systems
We design, create, deploy and support united communication systems for education for instant messaging, video conferencing creating custom communication platforms.
IT services for Education

Most common services for education

Backup and recovery
Cloud solutions
Network security
Mobile device management
Multi-Location Support
Managed print services
24/7 Support


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