Screening Platform

Find the best options opportunities in the market.


Screening Platform is an option screening platform that helps stock traders with puts and calls for stocks, ETFs, and Index instruments to match the trading strategy. Through visualization tools it’s easier for the trader to understand the strategy and efficiently search the option markets, and visualize the position. Besides, the data is collected during the day, so one can always see the updated information. This platform helps not only implement strategies but also optimize trades simplifying the processes and enhancing the options flow.

IMEA systems is empowering all the processes mentioned via its human resources and AI based modern technologies that are being implemented in all the stages of development and establishment.

Our mission: “ Our mission is to make the trade processes effortless for traders and generate the list of potential trading ideas based on underlying stock info, volatilities, greeks, stock price, option volume and other metrics”.

Target market: The market isn’t too wide, because of the product having a specific character. It typically refers to day-traders, and a large consumer audience, i.e. option traders for slow-simmering stocks. The audience is becoming wider as many people are getting involved in the market.

Fields of interest: The top stocks are usually the best performing stocks in a particular index or industry, so the fields of interest are narrow and definable. So all the financial markets and the stocks are what the service targets.