Deal Management Platform

Get the most innovative therapies to patients.


Deal Management Platform Contingent Commitment Exchange allows you to negotiate agreements and manage all your deals in one place, while we provide neutral and independent administration. We’ve taken proven technology and applied it to life sciences to drive better outcomes for patients. Deal Management Platform is a deal management platform founded by leaders from pharma, payers, and fintech.

Our mission: Our mission is to empower both pharma and payers to negotiate on price outcomes, performance provisions, support deals beyond just traditional therapies and manage a large volume of deals.

Target market: Like we used to say Deal Management Platform – Founded by the industry and payers, for the industry and payers”.

Fields of interest: Deal Management Platform is interested in pharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical companies to increase their potential income. The main target is the empowerment of medical industry.

Languages used: Java, Postgresql, Javascript, Python, React, AWS