Connecting Investment Platform

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Connecting Investment Platform is a Silicon Valley-based venture-backed FinTech company. Connecting Investment Platform is a platform connecting investment grade bond issuers and investors making the communication and trade processes shorter, easier and less disturbing. Previously all the processes of bond issuing were implemented by banks which used to complicate the steps between the stakeholders. Besides it aims to make all the processes as transparent as it can be which will allow to predefined the expected income more precisely․ Our mission: “Our mission is to simplify bond distribution processes and bring transparency to the fixed income markets”. Actually this isn’t the easiest thing to do, but that’s why we investigated and did further research of the industry before entering it. Besides we work with best and well known financiers, businessmen and developers. Target market: Connecting Investment Platform works with narrow bond markets as investment grade bonds that are believed to have lower risk of default and receive higher ratings approved by credit rating agencies. This condition narrows down our market and platform’s target user segment. We are already trusted and started cooperation with the globally well-known company and aim to continue and extend our cooperations. Latter refers to top investors of the field either. With the right tools and data, change starts with the owners of the company’s balance sheet — and the banking partners and institutional investors who back them. Fields of interest: Connecting Investment Platform doesn’t have any restrictions about the company’s working strategy and field. The only condition is to keep the transparency of the platform.