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Ai Powered Conversational Tool

Automation traditional sales pipeline leveraging AI powered Conversational tool.


Ai Powered Conversational Tool empowers companies to build an efficient and effective communication between the company and the customer. After 2020 Covid-19 eruption business processes have changed greatly especially in the B2C segment becoming more AI oriented. Thus the era of communication via cold calls and direct messages were replaced by AI chat bots that are unlike other services more human friendly.

All these services and tools have been implemented by IMEA systems professional and hard working tech-oriented team, tech support and highly motivated developers. Our aim is to use AI technologies to simplify human interference in communication mechanical processes.

Mission of the Company

“Our mission is to pave the way for businesses to identify and qualify opportunities within their respective industries without sacrificing their most expensive resource – human capital.”

This approach helped us reach the business-minded professionals we needed to, but also track sharing and conversions that went beyond any initial interactions with the original content. All the processes are tracked and implemented by IMEA systems as we take responsibility for what we do.

Target market – Being a B2B product is directed to customer oriented businesses that aim to minimize the efforts of the human reach, conversation building and information delivery processes via SMS automation.

Fields of interest – Built from the bases we’ve already built a good partnership with a Real Estate Company and Ai Powered Conversational Tool. And due to good case analyses we aim to move forward extending our market to new business categories as Recruitment and Insurance.

Why they partner with IMEA

We do not market best offers, we offer the best services!

Quality of our work speaks before we do, which lets us easily interact with our partners and engage new successful business minds.