Digital Solutions for RegTech

A wide range of services for regulatory reporting

Regulatory reporting is becoming more and more complex arousing the need of integrating new tech solutions which will help them in cost and time management.Cost driving factors as costs of hardware and administration or the time consuming coordination bring the need of new solutions to handle them in a more cost-effective way.We offer a variety of services of Regtech and RiskTech solutions from application management to supporting and monitoring of technical processes. The regtech services we offer to our clients aim to combine regulatory, strategy, legal, compliance, technology and innovation perspectives.

Why you need managed services

What are the advantages of managed services for your Regtech

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Calculable costs and planning security
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Reduction of solution operating expenditures
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Flexible access to external reporting
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Safeguarding of control over performance monitoring

RegTech solutions we offer

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RegTech cloud services
regTech cloud services cover cloud education models, any cloud topic from interdisciplinary, support with cloud strategies. We provide the best holistic services and individual cloud solutions.
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FINSA client advisor test
FINSA client advisor test provides convenient financial service knowledge. It is useful for diligence and recruiting processes, self-evaluation and other.
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Digital customer onboarding
We do full support of digital onboarding, hybrid digital onboarding which are the most crucial stages of the customer onboarding process.
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Transaction monitoring service
Our services of transaction monitoring can help you organise and manage transaction processes, for monitoring systems, improving, reducing and saving time work and costs.
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RegTech strategy paper
We start processes with understanding of strategic dimension, limitations and current set-up, and defining future business opportunities. Being customer centric is what we work for.
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RegTech search & Deploy
We are building an extensive global database across industries and regTech fields a.nd international financial institutions. Our services include scoping, designing and deploying processes
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Compliance automation
Compliance automation services we provide help you analyse , improve and automate all the processes legal, compliance, risk and other business functions
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Fintech-bank conector
It gives an opportunity for FinTech to reduce costs and improve service quality. It also provides new and improved customer experience that gives an opportunity to go quickly to the market.
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SME compliance buddy
This service gives you an opportunity to benefit from multiple compliance challenges solving your issues through development of sustainable culture across the firm.

Why choose us

Because we know the way…

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Modular & Multifaceted
/industries/regTech/03/02_Flexible & Agile.svg
Flexible & Agile
/industries/regTech/03/03_User friendly.svg
User friendly
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Fast to implement
/industries/regTech/03/05_Improved efficiency & reduced cost rates.svg
Improved efficiency & reduced cost rates
/industries/regTech/03/06_Turn-key support.svg
Turn-key support