Digital Solutions for Government

IMEA transforms governments with techsolutions

IMEA systems was always a partner of trust for many governmental organisations․ We have a full understanding of the challenges and complications governmental organisations face integrating new technologies into their processes. We’ve shortly become a trusted partner of governments and governmental organisations providing a secure and trustworthy service combined with powerful technological solutions. We aim to build big-data powerful applications creating a robust infrastructure empowering secure interactions between citizens and government.

Services we Provide

IT services & solutions for government

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IT Managed Services (ITMS)
We manage your whole IT infrastructure from network to computer power no matter how complex the problem is. Harnessing the power of cloud technology we create a managed service for Governmental organisations.
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Cloud Services
We provide private and public cloud services to support any government. We are wholly experienced in an Infrastructure as a Service, Software as a Service and other services in between.
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Hosting Services
We offer hosting services that are compliant with the law, are mobile friendly, easy to navigate, and are secure. Our hosting services ensure worry-free and secure infrastructure.
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Security Solutions
We provide a wide variety of security services from detecting, scanning and monitoring, to implementation of some security policies and requirements for the government.
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Enterprise Intelligent Workflow
Automating business processes are more than in need even in private governmental organisations through implementation of new technological solutions and tools that aim to facilitate those processes.
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Enterprise Print Mail
Centralizing your business mail services is important for business communication, as well as secure transactions from your private messaging both sent and received.
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Digital Transformation
We are ready to support your digital transformation on the whole processes from integration to deployment and updating. Emergency response and automated solutions for some cases will be an efficient addition to the other services we provide.

Fast & Quality approach to emergency cases

Disaster pre-planning for government

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Reliable data backup
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Fast recovery of lost files
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Offsite storage
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Built-in archiving

Partner with us

Why governments choose to partner with us

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24/7/365 remote monitoring
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Managed state-of-the-art security
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Business continuity planning
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Round-the-clock support staff