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All the big brands now have their own mobile apps which make it easy for them to trigger sales and engage users to their product.It became a powerful way of improving sales experience and increasing revenue. Our team of experienced developers will help you to stand out from the crown and build an advanced experience by creating an engaging platform for a good user experience to make customers spend more money. Our developed system will let you take charge of all the processes, starting from managing payments, taxes and shipping and promoting sales. Track the orders, get paid easily, add products, manage sales and other sales-oriented options will be available on your dashboard.

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Discovery research
We start each of our journeys doing a deep research and discovering what is your business model, what are the main advantages of it,the market, main competitors, the business model. After this data we can start architecturing your future eCommerce platform.
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User experience (ux)
Next step is wireframing and architecturing which is usually done by our professional UI/UX designers who aim to make an alignment between your business needs and requirements and the actual user experience and behavioural typical model.
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Ecommerce website design
We build all the imagery, illustrations and animation base for your website taking into account your business/ brand requirements, its type, typical color set, your preferences and after a full examination of your user. This will inspire conversions and engage more users.
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Ecommerce development
Our team of professional eCommerce developers create a custom and responsive platform for your product. We help you get the most out of existing technology stack empowering your platform with all the modern, third-party and eCommerce oriented solutions.
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Seo strategy
Website value is all about the traffic which is a result of following some metrics, keeping quality and other requirements of search engines. That’s why we combine efforts of marketing and development teams to get the most out of your product, generating leads and creating loyal audiences.
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Content migration
We will organize a smooth transfer of your content whether it is the whole data of your eCommerce catalogue or just a content segment. We will make sure all the migration processes go smoothly.
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Quality assurance testing
We also organise the further improvements of your website by implementing A/B testing to make sure everything goes well. This helps to improve user experience and performance.
We don't stop here! We test every button functionality and color set and analysing the performance results thus improving these metrics using insights and consumer behaviour.
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Website support
We do full support of your website starting from adding new features, making updates, and making sure your business moves along with new trends and technological solutions. We are always available to make changes and help you.

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Brand ambassadors
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Live chat
/industries/ecommerce/02/03_Abandoned cart recovery.svg
Abandoned cart recovery
/industries/ecommerce/02/04_Referral programs.svg
Referral programs
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Social media customer service
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Product suggestions
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An opportunity to post reviews

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